Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.

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The Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement (founded by Pamela Caddy)


The Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Healing System was channelled by myself in August 2017.  This healing energy is overseen by Lord Merlin, Goddess Portia, Archangel Amethyst, and the Crystalline Kingdom.

The healing energy is a synthesis of the violet flame, angelic amethyst ray of Archangel Amethyst, etheric crystals, divine alchemy with Lord Merlin, and crystalline healing energy.

This energy is excellent for working with manifestation work, and to clear blockages, negative attachment, and raise the energy of your being to support greater ascension growth.  It can be used as a healing, planetary healing work, as a healing flush through the night in your sleep state, to support your work with crystals and the cleansing of crystal stones, to set up etheric and physcial crystal grids, support the indigo, crystal, rainbow, and golden vibration children/adults, and so much more.

The attunement is done through  skype connection with myself, Pamela.  You will receive after your attunement an emailed certificate.

For more information do contact myself

Thank you. x

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