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Atlantean Crystal Skull Webinar Recording


For those that were unable to attend this webinar.  You can receive the recording.

The Atlantean Crystal Skull Meditation is working with the highest of Atlantean energy, will the support of the Amethyst Atlantean Crystal Skull, to which is the monad consciousness to the 12 Atlantean Crystal Skull Keepers.

You will receive a connection to your Atlantan spirit guide, and your very own set of ethereal 12 atlantean crystal skulls that will be activated within your atlantean 12 chakra system to help bring of a deeper alignment with your atlantean self and life purpose.

This meditation is about one hour long, and does require focus and is good for all levels of spiritual development, but helpful if you have meditation experience.

The meditation will be sent to your email through BigFile as an mp3 audio recording.

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