Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.

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Magical Nature Reiki Attunement (founded by Pamela Caddy)


Mother Earth is a collective consciousness that has embodied the planet earth since its beginning.

Contained within this collective consciousness of Mother Earth are nature spirits within many forms; such as, fairies, elves, earth spirits, fire spirits, air spirits, water spirits, dragons, unicorns to name a few.

The purpose of the Magical Nature Reiki Healing System is to bring of a balance to all the elemtents that exisit within yuour being and aligning of this connection within yourself with Mother Earth.  So, that it supports and furthers of your ascension

The emailed manual gives a detailed explanation to this wonderful healing energy and you will receive an emailed certificate.  Please understand that if you would like a posted certificate a small fee for post and packaging will be needed, please contact me.

Your attunement will be over a skype connection

It is advisabel that you have some knowledge of reiki healing and the Usui Reiki Attunements to which are the first attunements are available in my webstore and provides you with the beginning teachings of working with healing energy.

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