Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.

About Me
Set on having a career as an ice skating coach after spending most of my childhood training hard and competing.  I had to give up my ice skating coach career due to having lymph condition in my legs that developed after my second child that made it too painful to stand on the ice teaching for long periods.  
It was also during this time that I was trying to find ways to support my two boys, who are both diagnosed with autism. Who I like to say are the spiritual term (crystal children)  I never wanted to get into medicines and discovered reiki and natural therapies.  I found my reiki teacher round the corner from where I live and did my training to become a reiki teacher.  It was during this time working with reiki healing that I quickly started to develop my own abilities in energy healing and new that I could take my healing skills much further.  I was fast developing a huge passion for healing and went on to develop some of my own reiki systems: Magical Nature Reiki, Love Light Synthesis Reiki and Conscious Reiki.  I went on from reiki and into spiritual healing and trance mediumship healing and was amazed at the vast knowledge to obtain in the path of healing.  I read just about any book on angels, spirit guides, mediumship I could get my hands on and went to every mind, body & spirit fair I could get to. I was fascinated and well and truly hooked and knew that this is what I wanted to do.
Through meditation I discovered many of my own guides and angels who are supporting me and I am truly grateful for all the support that they bring to me and through me to support other people.
I have a huge joy in my work and love hearing from other people about spiritual experiences they have had.- so do let me know of any experience you have had.
I do not follow any religion and am happy to just accept that we are divine and part of a much bigger picture.
I wish you all the best 
Pamela Caddy
Qualifications in natural science, metaphysical and therapies I have:
Reiki Master/Teacher
Spiritual Healing Diploma
Crystal Healing Diploma
Psychic Councillor Diploma
clairvoyance Diploma
Reflexology Diploma
Indian Head Massage Diploma
Herbology Diploma
Aromatherapy Diploma
                                                              Colour Healing Diploma
College Diploma in Mediumship