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Cancellation and Returns


During a secure paypal payment you may have the option to cancell your order before making a final confirmation on your order.  Instruction is given during a paypal transaction.

If an item has been delivered with damage.  The Buyer has 14 days to return the damaged goods back to the Seller.  On Return the Seller will inspect the damaged goods and a full refund (including delivery costs) will be given through paypal.

The returned damages goods are to include the printed paypal invoice

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure safe return of damaged goods.  If goods returned to Seller are to be found further damaged due to Buyers fault and innapropriate care of return.  The Buyer will be liable for the cost of remedying such damage.

Damaged goods are to be returned by the Buyers own expenses and packed safely to ensure secure deliver back to Seller.  (full refund including delivery charges will be given through paypal).

When the Buyer wishes to return goods that are not damaged.  On return the goods will be inspected by the Seller and on agreement by Seller that the goods have no damage a full refund will be given as of the price on the Paypal Invoice for the goods.  The Buyer is to return the non damaged goods back to the Seller by the Buyers own expenses.  Full responsibilty from the Buyer is to be taken when returning non damagaged goods back to the seller to unsure full refund of the paypal invoice price.