Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.


Due to the government law on spiritual services.  I have to state that all on my website: teaching, healing, channelling, psychic artwork, courses, products and videos.  Are for entertainment purposes only.  I do not take of the responsibility for ones spiritual development, and that I am only acting as a guide.  You are always fully responsible for your own actions and choices within your spiritual learning. And I always ensure that I provide all necessary details needed to practice safe teaching. What you take from my teachings and support is for your own personal choice for yourself.  I DO NOT force any spiritual teachings onto others in any religion or otherwise. 

I am fully insured as a healer and spiritual teacher

All on my website is copy write to myself: Pamela Caddy, Radiant Earth Academy of LIght, www.radiantearth.co.uk

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Pamela Caddy
Owner/founder of Radiant Earth Academy of Light / www.radiantearth.co.uk