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Hello All

With the lovely sun coming in now. I felt guided to do something different with my channelling. And so I came up with channelling stories. My creativity guides came through and said. Why not channel a short story and go from there. So I thought great, I'll give it a try. As always when I channel I first will receive wisdom and teaching for myself to help me to understand more of myself. But after channelling this short story. I realised that it was a past life self I had in Lemuria. And with the story comes a divine lesson that is still in process to this day. I hope you enjoy.

It was a cold and wind day. The sky was darkening in its vibration and appearance. But I Katie a young priestess of the land was not detoured by this. I walked along the sea shore and held my arms up and wide. Bringing my focus into the storm that was raging above our beloved land I chanted out loud. “You shall not overcome this land and its people. We are strong and do not fear you. For you are weak and within your weakness, an illusion of your so called intent has no power here. Begone, Begone, Begone”.

I channelled and sent my essence of my own power through my intention into the heart of the raging storm. They have been coming more frequently as the weeks pass. But my people are strong. Although in some, there now lies an aspect of fear within themselves


I Katie am a priestess of our village. And I am determined to stay within my power. There are moments when I feel this slips into a sense of fear that I am not familiar with. We are of a people of love and peace. And the dark ones who bring forth of this storm are trying to take over our people and land, that is so dear within our hearts. But I do fear that our time is slowly slipping into darkness. I feel that soon even myself, it is time to retreat into the ocean, as of which I came from many life times ago, as a mermaid. But I shall hold onto my form as myself now for as long as I dare to. Many of my sisters and brothers of the light have either gone from these lands, or have dropped within their vibration and, succumbed to the control of the dark. But I will not allow for this to happen. My light is strong, and I have complete faith within myself to hold my light within. But I no longer shine as I used to – free from such fears, hate and hurt. But these emotions within myself are not to be acknowledged. I refuse to allow them to seep any deeper within myself. I am of The Shinning Ones. Who with my people have loved and lived on these lands for many thousands of years. They shall not win. Either way, we The Shinning Ones shall come back, and within our light restore what is ours.

My power and intent has stopped the storm for now. But I know they shall return again. But I shall be waiting and ready for their return. For I shall not give up until the very end. And so I lower my arms and place my hands upon my chest and say a silent prayer to the Gods that our land returns to its people. The tree's around me no longer sing. They whisper fearful comments to each other. Their loving strength, and protection no longer available to my people. It is as if the very land and nature we cared, and loved for so long is turning against us. I finally hold my hands out as an offering of love and hope to the tree's around me and cry. “Please come back. We love you so. Do not listen to them any more. They do not love you as we do. Please come back. We love you so”.

I allow my energy of love from within myself to flow through my hands as a blanket of pink energy that flows to the tree's. But they no longer accept my love like they used to. Instead in horror, I see my pink energy of love turn into a black cloud of mist. I am hurt. This now must be the end. I have tried with all that I could give. But it was of no use. I stepped into the sea and allowed my life force energy to shift. Into the depths of the ocean I now swim. I must reconnect with my people from long ago. The Mermaids are my only hope now. For this is not the ending. But a new beginning. The Shinning Ones shall return.

The Shinning Ones are a divine race and my soul group. They have no need for a name but simply choose The Shinning Ones to describe themselves. They came from Orion and many of them first were mermaids before being able to form an etheric body on the land as the Early Lemurian Race to which soon accepted more of a physical vibration later on. I have had many life times as a Lemurian But within these life times stayed connected to my soul group The Shinning Ones. And refer to them within my past Lemurian self in this short story.

The Divine lesson that is within this short story or my past life experience is: To not give up hope, there is always a way, however long it may take.

I feel that this lesson is still being carried out to this day and relates to not only myself from that past life. But to all of you. And that through many cycles, the light will always return.


Channelled short story

A Wish For Self Love.

By Lord Merlin. Channelled by Pamela Caddy 6/3/16

It is wonderful to have love from another. But I feel that self love is far away from myself. I Rosanna. Am a young girl living on the coast of North Carolina. And wonder how I can love myself more. Although I enjoy of many activities. It is almost that I go through each activity as a programming within myself. And not loving of the activity that I do.

I walk upon the beach, on the warm golden sand beneath my feet. And yet I ask myself. “Am I loving this feeling of the warm sand beneath my feet? Or am I simply walking on sand, and not loving of the warm feeling that it is providing to myself”.

I have been hurt within my past deeply. And ponder how this is continuing to make me feel as though I no longer connect with myself, and the world around. I look up into the blue sky. And yet again ask myself. “How does it make me feel?” “Does it bring happiness from such a clear blue sky?” I want to feel again. But I know that I have locked this away from myself, and search for the key within me daily, but to no avail. I know that I have experienced of such joy and love before. But it is as if it was from another time. “How can I bring that back?”. I ask myself now. But no answer comes forth to me.

I watch a young man playing with his dog on the beach. He throws the stick far, to allow his dog to run freely along the golden sand, and fetch his stick, that he is having so much fun playing with. I stop and ask this young man if I may have a go playing with his dog. As I have no dog of my own, and have been wondering of getting one soon. The young man about my age, is more than happy, and takes the stick from his dog and places it in my hand. I feel the wet stick. Covered in sand and water. It makes me laugh. It feels kind of yucky. But the dog is impatiently barking at me to throw the stick far. So that he can chase it again. I choose to ignore the feeling of the wet and sandy stick. Reaching my arm up high, I put all of my strength into my throw, and watch the stick fly through the air. The dog immediately goes in chase for his loving stick that means so much to him at this very moment. And then I realise something to myself. That it is about enjoying of each moment. No matter how small it may be. Such as throwing a stick for a dog to happily chase. I watch how the dog is so excited in his task to retrieve his stick, and comes running back to me and sits, staring at me. As if to say. “Do it again. But more further this time”. I don't know where that thought came from. But it was as if this dog was communicating with myself. I hold the stick in my hand again. I notice that this time it does not feel so yucky. But instead my excitement is building within myself to throw the stick as far as I can. I reach up high with my arm, and put all my excitement, joy and love into the stick. It is as if I am channelling my energy into the stick. I look up at my hand, held high above my head in that split second before I throw the stick. And see before my eyes that this ugly, wet and sandy stick turns into a magnificent golden wand of light. I feel my power returning to my being. And know that my power is love. The strongest self love that I can have for myself now, within this moment. I let this golden wand of light loose from my throw and see it again flying through the air. But not as some filthy stick that is so loved by the dog. But as my golden wand of light of which conducts my power of self love that has returned to me. This wand that I now see somehow with my eyes, hits the golden sand. And as it does so. I feel of a magnificent jolt within the ground beneath me. As if my golden wand of power has re-connected myself to the earth. The energy builds within my body, and it is as if a consciousness not of my own comes through, and into my thoughts. It says. “You are love. Love connects you with everything. It speaks one language, yet it is understood by all”. I feel all hurt and loss that I had held onto melting away from within myself. And what remains is love, happiness and joy. That I have created within this moment of playing with this dog. Who now returns to me with my wand. He sits still on the sand, and looks deep into my eyes. I again feel thoughts come into my awareness, and this time know that it is the dog speaking to me, and he simply says. “Keep this stick. It is now yours to enjoy”. I take hold of the stick that I thought was so ugly before. Yet now is of my most greatest treasure of golden light to have. And watch the dog walk back to its owner. I begin walking along the sand. Now truly enjoying of its connection below my feet. And wonder how this has all happened. Was it real? Or something that I came to realise within myself. That love is always present. And that at times through hurt we may hide from love within ourselves. But that we have the power within to melt of those hurtful emotions. And heal when we are ready. And when we do. Love returns from within. I feel such love and joy in this moment. And being connected with all around me.

There is a gentle tap on my shoulder, that brings my awareness back again to the young man who owns his dog. He looks fondly towards me. And with a shy smile asks if we can go for a coffee. I feel the loving connection between us. As if we already know each other. And hold my wand tightly in my hand in anticipation of what to say to him. But again feel that connection with my wand, and within my mind I clearly hear. “Love speaks the same language. It simply returns love to who sent it. And this is your loving wish”. I look deeply into the eyes of this young man. And know that this is my true love. Manifested with the power of my own self love. And I accept is offer.

Maid Kathryn

Having fun writing. A short channelled story.

It was on this windy day that I, Kathryn was walking down the path towards the bakery. Wearing my shawl wrapped tightly around my body to keep out the cold the best that I could. I approached the bakery, and walked in side.

Immediately I was engulfed by such sweet and savory mixtures of smell. And breathed these delightful scents in through my nose, making my stomach rumble in agreement for food.

I unfortunately was not to have such delightful food, and was taking the list of breads needed for the manor house kitchen, where I work as a maid.

It was also my birthday. And today I wished with all my intent to have at least an easier day at work, and make the most that I could of my birthday.

Birthdays for servant staff were not bothered with, or celebrated only among the other staff and their families with a hug, or a flower that was most likely stolen.

But I had no family, and came to work as a maid in the kitchen due to my Mother and Father passing away in a ship that sank to the depths of the ocean, never to see of my parents again.

This was some time ago now, when I was a young child, to which I am now on this day twenty years old.

I walked around the bakery shop, looking at all the cakes, pies, and different breads on offer. Savoring the smell and beauty that they all individually had. Allowing at least that small joy to be a blessing, rather than scrubbing out the large oven, and many pans in the kitchen, that was often my job, and what I hated doing the most.

Maybe Cook was being nice, and took pity on me on my birthday, and sent me on the errand that I occasionally did, to collect the breads for breakfast this morning. Many of the family of the manor house will soon be making their way to the breakfast room, within the upper parts of the manor that I was not allowed to be seen in.

I was simply to assist in the kitchen, preparing the vast amounts of vegetables and fruits. Or other jobs that Cook never wanted to be doing. She was always complaining how busy she was.

It was my turn to be served, and as usual the head baker whenever he saw me, greeted me with a warm smile, holding out his hand, for the list of breads that Cook wanted.

“It be the usual today then miss”. Said the Head Baker looking down the list.

I smiled back with my agreement. And placed the basket onto the counter for the Head Baker to put in the breads that Cook asked for.

I never much spoke to anyone outside of the manor, and only to a few of the staff I worked with. I guess that I never recovered from the loss of my parents when I was little. And withdrew into myself.

It was something that the other staff had become used to over time, although I was aware that it bothered them at times, and I would over hear them talking about me. Pondering on my mental state due to the tragic loss of my parents when I was six years old.

But I never bothered to answer back. It was my problem, and not theirs.

But I wished I could see my parents so much. I sometimes saw them within my dreams, they looked so happy, and would tell me that all is well, that they are looking after me.

Wiping my silent tears away for such nonsense. It was just dreams. I waited patiently for the Head Baker to return with the basket of breads.

After a few minutes waiting. The Head Baker returned and handed the heavy basket back to me.

“You have a good birthday miss. Enjoy the cake”. The Head Baker said, as I grabbed the basket from him.

Heat ran through my face, as I looked up at the Head Baker with a stunned silence. “But sir. How did you know it was my birthday, and cook did not order a cake?”

The Head Baker took out the list that cook gave to me early this morning, handing it to me, and said. “well it says right here miss. One birthday cake for the cook maid Kathryn”. And he showed me the list to see for myself.

There it was on the paper, that was not there when cook handed me the list earlier, and written exactly as the Head Baker told me, at the bottom in handwriting that was slightly different to that of Cook. But within the handwriting that I remember of my Mother.

“Are you alright miss. You are Kathryn I assume, the baker boys always tell me when you are coming, one of them is very fond of you.” The Head Baker said and laughed loudly.

I continued to stand still, as if frozen within time, as the mixture of shock and joy overwhelmed me all at once.

The Head Baker came around the counter quickly and held my shoulders, to provide me support and strength. And said “Miss Kathryn. You look as if you’ve seen a ghost. Sit down a minute…. Hay! Jack go and get a cup of water for miss Kathryn quickly”. The Head Baker finally shouted to be heard in the next room, where the other baking staff were busily rolling out pastry and kneading dough.

I allowed the Head Baker to guide me to sit down on a chair. Still holding the cooks breakfast list within my hands. “It’s my mother”. I say to myself over and over. A feeling of such bliss and peace comes over me. As if I am being lovingly held within unseen arms. And then words pop into my mind in the voice I remember as my mother. “Yes my dear child”.

Tears of joy flood down my face. I notice that I am suddenly shaking uncontrollably. The boy, that I presume is Jack comes walking quickly over to me, and placed the cup of water into my hand. “There now Miss Kathryn. I will look after you”. Jack Said.

I look up at Jack. And suddenly see deep within his eyes, that he meant every word that he said to me from deep within his heart.

We continue to look intently into each others eyes. And I know that this is the young man who has feelings of love towards myself. I find myself matching that love, as such a strong feeling of love bursts from my own heart, as if we are both within a bubble, that no one can burst.

“It is time for you to create your own family dear Kathryn”. The voice of my mother once again comes into my mind.

I feel like I am saved from such grief, that had wrapped itself around me so tightly. Somewhere my parents live on, and I have found love.