Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.

Some of my own spirit guide portraits I have done in my spare time.

Spirit Guides are of all races and even forms.  They can be past incarnated aspects of your soul, past incarnations of your soul family and friends.  Who wish to be of a support to you in your current incarnation on the earth.  Spirit Guides can also be known as star guides from other planets and dimensions and elemental beings.  They all work together as a group consciousness to support you individually and as a collective on life lessons, soul lessons and ascension growth and embodiment.

You can call upon an individual spirit guide such as.  "I call upon my spirit guide of healing to come forward and assist me within providing healing for: - myself or another"

It is also great joy when you call upon the collective consciousness of your spirit guide community to come forward.  As then the most appropriate spirit guides from within your spirit guide community can step forward to help assist you within your situation or need.  As your guides study and are  knowing within their own aspects of wisdom, and so you are offering for the most appropriate spiritual guide(s) to step forward, and who can best assist you with what you are needing support for.

Many of your spirit guides also form smaller communities.  For example your spirit guide healing team.  To which are a group of spirit guides who specialise in all type of healing, and come together to form a spirit guide healing team.  You can call upon your spirit guide healing team in meditation and ask for healing for yourself or to channel a healing session for another person or even to the earth.  this is a wonderful opportunity.

You have many other spirit guide communities that form within your collective spirit guide consciousness.  For example, you may have or can even ask for a spirit guide community to form and be a spirit guide meditation and meditation development team.  These spirit guides who come together are  specialized within gaining inner peace, balance and stillness of the mind, supporting your development of meditation.

So you can be creative and invite for your spirit guide collective to form of smaller spirit guide teams or communities to be of an aspect of support for yourself.